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Canada's asbestos legacy at home and abroad.
Int J Occup Environ Health. 2007 Apr-Jun;13(2):236-43
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James T Brophy
Margaret M Keith
Jenny Schieman
Author Affiliation
Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers (OHCOW), Canada.
Int J Occup Environ Health. 2007 Apr-Jun;13(2):236-43
Publication Type
Air Pollutants - toxicity
Asbestos - economics - toxicity
Developing Countries
Environmental Exposure - adverse effects
Extraction and Processing Industry - economics - organization & administration
Inhalation Exposure - adverse effects
International Cooperation
Labor Unions
Lung Neoplasms - chemically induced - epidemiology
Mesothelioma - epidemiology
Despite international efforts to block Canada's export of asbestos, the Canadian federal government continues to defend the economic interests of the asbestos industry. Ironically, Canadian asbestos miners, mill workers, and those engaged in a wide range of other occupations continue to suffer asbestos-related disease and premature death. Although there is an employer-funded compensation system in each province, many workers with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases remain uncompensated. The export of Canadian asbestos to developing countries sets the stage for another preventable occupational disease epidemic that will manifest over the coming decades. There is growing support from the Canadian labor movement for an end to asbestos exportation and for a just transition strategy for the asbestos workers and their communities.
Comment In: Int J Occup Environ Health. 2007 Oct-Dec;13(4):45118085060
Comment In: Int J Occup Environ Health. 2008 Apr-Jun;14(2):157-818507297
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Scientists appeal to Quebec Premier Charest to stop exporting asbestos to the developing world.
Int J Occup Environ Health. 2010 Apr-Jun;16(2):241-8
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Tim K Takaro
Devra Davis
Sue Janse Van Rensburg
Ruth Sara Arroyo Aguilar
Eduardo Algranti
John C Bailar
Fiorella Belpoggi
Mathis Berlin
Shelley Bhattacharya
Y V Bonnier Viger
James Brophy
Ray Bustinza
Robert B Cameron
John M Dement
David Egilman
Barry Castleman
Sanjay Chaturvedi
Martin Cherniack
Harlal Choudhury
Paul A Demers
Joseph Digangi
Ana Digon
John G Edwards
Anders Englund
Bjørn Erikson
Heleno Rodrigues Corréa Filho
Giuliano Franco
Arthur L Frank
Alice Freund
David Gee
Antonio Giordano
Michael Gochfeld
Marcel Gilberg
David F Goldsmith
Bernard D Goldstein
Philippe Grandjean
Morris Greenberg
Ivan Gut
Raul Harari
Marc Hindry
Christer Hogstedt
James Huff
Peter F Infante
Bengt Järvholm
David G Kern
Matthew Keifer
Kapil Khatter
Helge Kjuus
Margaret Keith
Linda C Koo
Arun Kumar
Joseph LaDou
Philip J Landrigan
Richard A Lemen
John M Last
Christopher W Lee
James Leigh
Stephen M Levin
Abby Lippman
Guadalupe Aguilar Madrid
Jock McCulloch
Melissa A McDiarmid
James A Merchant
Celeste Monforton
Tim Morse
David C F Muir
Debdas Mukerjee
Karen B Mulloy
J. Myers
Iman Nuwayhid
Peter Orris
David Ozonoff
Domyung Paek
Manomita Patra
Daniela Pelclová
Lew Pepper
Gerald V Poje
Qamar Rahman
Bernardo Reyes
Bruce W S Robinson
Eduardo Rodríguez
Cecile Rose
Kenneth D Rosenman
Linda Rosenstock
Mathuros Ruchirawat
Konrad Rydzynski
Joachim Schneider
Barbara Silverstein
C Eduardo Siqueira
Craig Slatin
Morando Soffritti
Colin Soskoline
Judy Sparer
Leslie Thomas Stayner
Stanislaw Tarkowski
Daniel Thau Teitelbaum
Anna Tompa
Ivancica Trosic
Fernand Turcotte
Rodolfo A G Vilela
Yvonne R K Waterman
Andrew Watterson
David H Wegman
Laura S Welch
Hans-Joachim Woitowitz
Zulmiar Yanri
Cecillia Zavariz
Int J Occup Environ Health. 2010 Apr-Jun;16(2):241-8
Publication Type
Asbestos - economics
Asbestosis - prevention & control
Developing Countries
Mining - economics
Occupational Exposure - prevention & control
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