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[Information hygiene and regulation of information for vulnerable groups of the population].
Gig Sanit. 2014 Sep-Oct;(5):43-9
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E I Denisov
A L Eremin
O V Sivochalova
N N Kurerov
Gig Sanit. 2014 Sep-Oct;(5):43-9
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Access to Information - legislation & jurisprudence
Government Regulation
Human Rights - legislation & jurisprudence - standards
Hygiene - legislation & jurisprudence - standards
Information Services - legislation & jurisprudence - standards
Internet - legislation & jurisprudence - statistics & numerical data
Safety - legislation & jurisprudence
Vulnerable Populations - legislation & jurisprudence - psychology
Development of information society engenders the problem of hygienic regulation of information load for the population, first of all for vulnerable groups. There are presented international and Russian normative legal documents and experience in this area, there are described the negative effects of information (such as stress, depression, suicidal ideations). There are considered social-psychological characteristics of vulnerable groups that requires their best protection from loads of information, doing harm, particularly in terms of reproductive health, family relationships, children, etc. There was noted the desirability of improvement of sanitary, legislation on the regulation of the information load on the population, especially in vulnerable groups, in terms of optimization of parameters of the signal-carriers on volume, brightness and the adequacy of the volume and content of information in radio and television broadcasting, in an urban environment and at the plant to preserve the health and well-being of the population.
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