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Meeting Nontraditional Medical Information Needs for the Unique Populations and Geographically Remote Locations of Alaska.
Med Ref Serv Q. 2016 Oct-Dec; 35(4):449-53
Publication Type
Journal Article
Dana V Lema
Author Affiliation
a School of Information , San José State University , San José , California , USA.
Med Ref Serv Q. 2016 Oct-Dec; 35(4):449-53
Publication Type
Journal Article
Access to Information
Health services needs and demand
Information Seeking Behavior
Minority Groups
The types of information required by hospital and clinical staff can be greatly influenced by the geography and culture of the area in which they operate. In some situations, information must be acquired from sources that fall outside the traditional provisions of a medical or reference library. This article provides examples of the unique information needs of clinical staff serving a primarily Native Alaskan and Native American clientele in Alaska. It also presents sources and personnel utilized to meet those information needs outside of traditional reference sources.
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