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Radiation safety during remediation of the SevRAO facilities: 10?years of regulatory experience.
J Radiol Prot. 2015 Sep;35(3):571-96
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M K Sneve
N. Shandala
S. Kiselev
A. Simakov
A. Titov
V. Seregin
V. Kryuchkov
V. Shcheblanov
L. Bogdanova
M. Grachev
G M Smith
J Radiol Prot. 2015 Sep;35(3):571-96
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Government Regulation
Industrial Waste - legislation & jurisprudence
Nuclear Reactors - legislation & jurisprudence
Occupational Exposure - legislation & jurisprudence
Radiation Monitoring - legislation & jurisprudence
Radiation Protection - legislation & jurisprudence - methods
Radioactive Waste - legislation & jurisprudence
Safety Management - legislation & jurisprudence
Waste Management - legislation & jurisprudence - methods
In compliance with the fundamentals of the government's policy in the field of nuclear and radiation safety approved by the President of the Russian Federation, Russia has developed a national program for decommissioning of its nuclear legacy. Under this program, the State Atomic Energy Corporation 'Rosatom' is carrying out remediation of a Site for Temporary Storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and radioactive waste (RW) at Andreeva Bay located in Northwest Russia. The short term plan includes implementation of the most critical stage of remediation, which involves the recovery of SNF from what have historically been poorly maintained storage facilities. SNF and RW are stored in non-standard conditions in tanks designed in some cases for other purposes. It is planned to transport recovered SNF to PA 'Mayak' in the southern Urals. This article analyses the current state of the radiation safety supervision of workers and the public in terms of the regulatory preparedness to implement effective supervision of radiation safety during radiation-hazardous operations. It presents the results of long-term radiation monitoring, which serve as informative indicators of the effectiveness of the site remediation and describes the evolving radiation situation. The state of radiation protection and health care service support for emergency preparedness is characterized by the need to further study the issues of the regulator-operator interactions to prevent and mitigate consequences of a radiological accident at the facility. Having in mind the continuing intensification of practical management activities related to SNF and RW in the whole of northwest Russia, it is reasonable to coordinate the activities of the supervision bodies within a strategic master plan. Arrangements for this master plan are discussed, including a proposed programme of actions to enhance the regulatory supervision in order to support accelerated mitigation of threats related to the nuclear legacy in the area.
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