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The impact of a population-level school food and nutrition policy on dietary intake and body weights of Canadian children.
Prev Med. 2013 Dec;57(6):934-40
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Christina Fung
Jessie-Lee D McIsaac
Stefan Kuhle
Sara F L Kirk
Paul J Veugelers
Author Affiliation
University of Alberta, School of Public Health, 3-50 University Terrace, 8303-112 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2T4, Canada. Electronic address:
Prev Med. 2013 Dec;57(6):934-40
Publication Type
Body Weight
Diet - statistics & numerical data
Nova Scotia - epidemiology
Nutrition Policy
Nutrition Surveys
School Health Services
The objective of this study is to assess population-level trends in children's dietary intake and weight status before and after the implementation of a provincial school nutrition policy in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.
Self-reported dietary behavior and nutrient intake and measured body mass index were collected as part of a population-level study with grade 5 students in 2003 (n=5215) and 2011 (5508), prior to and following implementation of the policy. We applied random effects regression methods to assess the effect of the policy on dietary and health outcomes.
In 2011, students reported consuming more milk products, while there was no difference in mean consumption of vegetables and fruits in adjusted models. Adjusted regression analysis revealed a statistically significant decrease in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption. Despite significant temporal decreases in dietary energy intake and increases in diet quality, prevalence rates of overweight and obesity continued to increase.
This population-level intervention research suggests a positive influence of school nutrition policies on diet quality, energy intake and healthy beverage consumption, and that more action beyond schools is needed to curb the increases in the prevalence of childhood obesity.
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